Video of a fantastic artist, Miguel Grave de Peralta, painting a portrait of Manuel Vega.

The painting was rendered in approximately16 hours.

Miguel Grave de Peralta's Bio

Award winning artist Manuel Vega, opened his shop, Custom Tattoo Company in May 1993. I specialize in black and grey work, portraits and photo realism. I love and respect the fine art of tattooing and practice the traditional ethics of passing on this beautiful art form to others.

I feel honored when people trust my artwork to their bodies . Bringing someone into this rite of passage humbles me in knowing that I was the one chosen to help change someone’s life forever.


“ There are two types of people -
Those who get tattooed, and those who
admire them on other people.

“... Learn Something New Everyday and Continue to Grow...”
“A Happy Customer is the Most Rewarding Thing to Me.”
~ Mark Sullivan